A three-day conference featuring didactic sessions, a cadaver lab, and live injection training to elevate your skills in medical aesthetics.
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3 days of education

Evolve offers three days of comprehensive education, starting with didactic learning, followed by hands-on cadaver lab training, and culminating in live injection practice to enhance your expertise in medical aesthetics.

Day 1: Didactic and Mindset

On Day 1 of Evolve, you will immerse yourself in foundational learning with our Didactic and Mindset sessions. You will gain a thorough understanding of essential theories and principles in medical aesthetics, guided by expert instructors. This day will be dedicated to building a strong knowledge base and cultivating the right mindset for success in the field. You will engage in interactive lectures, discussions, and workshops designed to prepare you for the hands-on experiences of the following days.
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Day 2: Hands-On Cadaver Course

On Day 2 of Evolve, you will participate in our Hands-On Cadaver Course. This intensive session will allow you to apply your knowledge to real anatomical specimens, enhancing your understanding of facial structures and injection techniques. Guided by experienced professionals, you will gain invaluable hands-on experience in a controlled, educational environment. This day will be crucial for developing the practical skills necessary for safe and effective cosmetic procedures.
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Day 3: Hands-On** Live Demonstrations

On Day 3 of Evolve, you will engage in Hands-On Live Demonstrations. This day will provide you with the opportunity to practice live injections on models under the guidance of expert instructors. You will apply the knowledge and skills acquired over the previous days, refining your techniques in a real-world setting. This immersive experience will be essential for building confidence and competence in performing safe and effective cosmetic injections.
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** Please note that you will need to supply your own model and have a license to inject in Pennsylvania

A Cadaver Course with
Hands-On Training

what is course name?

Our conference is designed to enhance your skills in medical aesthetics. You will develop a deep understanding of facial anatomy through hands-on cadaver labs and refine your injection techniques with live demonstrations. You will gain practical, expert-led training that will elevate your confidence and competence in cosmetic procedures.

Course Duration:
45 minutes
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Live injections

ART of Reversal

Learn Amy's ART of Reversal, a comprehensive technique for reversing and correcting bad filler, ensuring safe and natural results.

Advanced Filler Technique

Master advanced filler techniques with hands-on training. Enhance your skills in sculpting and contouring for exceptional, natural-looking results.


Gain practical experience in facial anatomy and injection techniques with our hands-on cadaver course, guided by expert instructors.

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Testimonials and success stories from learners who have taken GloAcademy courses

From start to finish the team at GIO Academy thought of EVERYTHING! I literally showed up andeverything was taken care of. I loved the intimate time with faculty and colleagues during dissection andinjection portions. I felt comfortable asking questions. I hope they offer this type of course again.
What an incredible weekend experience! didactic, dissection, injections all of my favorite things- Thankyou to Amy and the entire team for an amazing experience that was SO informative and SO fun
The C2C cadaver lab was a one of a kind It was the perfect combination of immersed leaning and fun' Faculty was second to none