Enhance your injectable skills with personalized training by Amy Lynn, RN, CANS, right in your own office. Customizable sessions tailored to your needs.
Train with amy

Elevate Your Injectable Expertise with Amy

Join Amy Lynn, RN, CANS, for a hands-on injectable training experience that comes to you. Designed for individuals and small groups, this customizable program addresses your unique educational needs, covering a range of products and techniques to boost your confidence and competence.

Course Duration:
Up to 4 hours (minimum of 1 hour)
Course Price:
$1000 for the first hour, $750 for each additional hour
why enroll?

learn from the best

Expert Guidance

Receive direct training from Amy Lynn, RN, CANS, a seasoned expert in injectables, ensuring high-quality instruction and valuable insights.

Customized Learning

Benefit from a fully customizable curriculum that addresses your specific needs and focuses on the products and techniques you want to master.


Enjoy the flexibility and comfort of training in your own office, eliminating the need for travel and allowing for a more relaxed and effective learning environment.


Testimonials and success stories from learners who have taken GloAcademy courses

From start to finish the team at GIO Academy thought of EVERYTHING! I literally showed up andeverything was taken care of. I loved the intimate time with faculty and colleagues during dissection andinjection portions. I felt comfortable asking questions. I hope they offer this type of course again.
What an incredible weekend experience! didactic, dissection, injections all of my favorite things- Thankyou to Amy and the entire team for an amazing experience that was SO informative and SO fun
The C2C cadaver lab was a one of a kind It was the perfect combination of immersed leaning and fun' Faculty was second to none